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Controversial episodes [Jul. 25th, 2006|10:05 am]


Controversial episodes
Main articles: List of South Park episodes
Throughout its run on television, South Park has drawn an enormous amount of controversy from episodes focusing mainly on political satire and current events. Here is a list of some infamous episodes, which in some cases were followed by controversy:

Terrance and Phillip in Not Without My Anus (An "April Fools" joke infamous for its enormous backlash of disgust from fans awaiting the answer to who was the father of Eric Cartman.)
Trapped in the Closet (Parodied Tom Cruise & John Travolta's involvement in the church of Scientology and both actors' often rumored homosexuality. Resulted in the resignation of Isaac Hayes, the voice of Chef and an active Scientologist, though health reasons are also claimed.)
It Hits the Fan (While it didn't strike much controversy, the episode stretched the limits of censorship by airing, uncensored, the word "shit" a record 163 times)
Cartoon Wars Part I/Cartoon Wars Part II (Attacked Family Guy, the Muhammad cartoon controversy, was itself censored for depicting Muhammad as a character, and climaxed with Parker and Stone satirizing the hypocrisy of the entire ordeal with "al-Qaeda's Retaliation" – a crude cartoon featuring Jesus Christ defecating on President Bush, Katie Holmes, and the American Flag.) Notably, there was an earlier episode in season 5 called "The Super Best Friends" that shows the image of Muhammad.
Bloody Mary (Made fun of purported sightings of the Virgin Mary and Alcoholics Anonymous)
All About Mormons (While Mormon reactions to this episode have ranged from genuine amusement to outrage, the LDS Church itself has not issued an official statement in reaction to "All About The Mormons". This is in keeping with the Church's general policy of ignoring popular media presentations of Mormons and Mormonism.)
Jared Has Aides (Made jokes related to the disease AIDS by playing off its homophone, "aides." The ending, which involved Butters being physically abused by his parents, has caused it to be pulled. The episode is still shown in Canada and the UK, however.)
Red Hot Catholic Love (Made jokes related to Catholicism, specifically, recent controversy concerning pedophilia amongst the priesthood. Also discussed the controversial topic of the phrase "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance in the course of lampooning church-state separation advocates.)
Scott Tenorman Must Die (Cartman arranges for a rival's parents to be murdered, steals their bodies, grinds them up, puts them in a bowl of chili, and then tricks their son into eating their remains.)
Christian Rock Hard (Cartman writes songs with sexual innuendo related to Jesus and says "Fuck Jesus" at the episode's end when he finds out he can't win a platinum album with a Christian rock group. Cartman also makes several racist comments towards Token throughout the episode.)
Here Comes the Neighborhood (Made fun of many popular African-American actors, sports stars, and artists, calling them "Richers". It is clear throughout the episode, however, that the wealth is a metaphor for race in the episode. Mr. Garrison says "Yeah, but at least we got rid of all those damn Ni---" as the episode ends. This episode also features a burning cross that is referred to the episode as a lower-case 't' for "time to leave.", as well as the white townspeople dressing up as "ghosts", which look like Ku Klux Klan robes, to scare away all the affluent blacks.)